About Me


Hi all! My name is Marita, I am the founder of Page and Verse. Page and Verse started out as a way for me to get the art that I draw in my bible out to friends and relatives. It has since evolved into an art business of bible verses; prints, greeting cards, prayer cards, coloring books and more. Follow me on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook @pageandverse for more content and videos. 

I'm a wife to an amazing man and mom of two awesome kids. I love all things Jesus and Disney. I love to hand letter on just about anything! Windows, walls, bible pages, jean jackets, wood signs... you name it...I'll letter on it! 

Every item in my shop is hand lettered and drawn by me. It's my way of using the talents that God has given me to spread His glory. 

My prayer is that I can weave the profound wisdom and timeless beauty of scripture into stunning visual masterpieces. Through my work, I aim to inspire contemplation, conversation, and a renewed sense of connection with the words of the Bible. 

My journey as a Bible Verse Artist is a testament to the transformative and unifying potential of a loving God and art. With each stroke of my pen, I hope to  breathe life into God's words, reminding us all of the enduring wisdom and beauty that scripture offers.

Thank you for shopping my small business, now go help people love Jesus!!

God Bless!

All art, designs and photos are owned by Page and Verse. Copyright 2018-present